Automatically Run Access Queries

This is a script I use to schedule saved queries to run in Access. It logs output to the Windows Event Viewer with the time each query takes to run, the number of records affected, Read More …

Wave Control Your Android Device Using Tasker

This is a Tasker┬áprofile I set up which responds to wave controls to execute custom actions. It can tell the difference between any number of waves within a preconfigured time, and it can run a Read More …

Your 2012 Salary in 1967

I made this spreadsheet in Google Docs. It uses US Census data from 1967 and 2012, and accounts for inflation from 1967 to 2012. You enter your current salary, and it determines your percentile, finds┬áthe Read More …

10 Second Break

Traveling through Oregon

Whats up with all the speed limit signs using a comic book font?

Just what I signed up for

Nothing is quite as spirit-breaking as being stuck at work an hour late, and having to restart the report you’ve been waiting on because it failed. #businessobjects #hell

I Have a Cat

Her name is Xena, and despite my being allergic to cats, I somehow ended up living with one.